England Team Players Adopt ‘Big Dave’ the Stray Cat Who Made Himself a Social Media Star Like a Mascot

Football isn’t coming home for England, but the Three Lions are adding a fourth, albeit a small one, for the journey home.

The English National Football team is bringing Dave the Cat home from Qatar with them. The cat began to appear in players’ social media feeds, as the stray had taken to eating with the team and became their unofficial mascot.

That was center-back John Stones explaining the origin story of the little vagabond. Anyone who has visited the Muslim world will know that stray cats are neither rounded up by animal control, nor reviled, bothered, or considered a nuisance.

GNN has reported that in Istanbul, each street and neighborhood will have it own stray(s) and there are even parks for them to live and keep warm in winter.

England defender Kyle Walker said that Dave would come home if England won the World Cup, but as it turns out he’s coming home all the same.

A member of the traveling support staff for the team was eventually charged with taking Dave to the vet, ensuring he receives vaccinations and that his paperwork is in order to come home to England, where it’s not been revealed which team member will be adopting him.

England were eliminated on penalties to tournament-favorites France, and go home after a powerful showing in the earlier rounds.